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Queen Size Air Mattress

Here you will find top suppliers of the queen size air mattress at very affordable prices.  We have researched the Internet and have listed below the suppliers we found with the best prices.  Take a look at each and compare for yourself.


The Queen Size Air Mattress has become very poplar today and there is good reason.   It is perfect for when out of town guests show up and you need a place for them to sleep.  These air mattresses are also great for very comfortable sleeping when camping.  A queen air mattress is also ideal for college students on a limited budget. 

Some people with certain back conditions feel they get a better sleep on an air mattress.

Just for the record the queen size air mattress is slightly larger than a full size mattress but smaller than a king mattress.  The queen air mattress measures 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length.  By comparison, a full mattress is only 53 inches in width by 75 inches in length.  The king mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.
Many of the air mattresses today are designed to appear like a real bed with two pieces that are attached (to simulate the more conventional box springs and mattress look). 

Many allow for sheets to be tucked in just like a real bed.   Most have built in pumps so they can be filled with air quickly.  This feature also allows for air to be added or reduced quickly depending on the desired firmness.

Not all air mattresses are created equal and there are certain things you should look for that will help you in making a good purchase.

When shopping for an air mattress a lot will depend on what you are buying it for.  If you are buying as a camping bed then durability should be at the top of the list.  You want to look for an air mattress that is at least 20 gauge vinyl.   Don’t make your durability decision based solely on the weight of the air bed.  The thickness of the air bed skin is more important.  Finally, look for air mattresses made of no stretch vinyl.  No-stretch vinyl is considered the best material for camping mattresses and it is less likely to be punctured.

If you are purchasing a queen size air mattress for use when you have quests you will want to be able to store it easily.  It can be difficult to get all the air out of some air mattresses.  If you want to store it conveniently and take up minimal space you have to be able to remove all the air.  In this case look for queen a size air mattress that has a two-way pump. This feature allows to inflate and deflate the mattress easily, making it very convenient to put away.

If you are looking for a queen size air mattress for permanent use in your home than comfort will be the thing you want most.    You will want to look for an air mattress that has a frame, memory foam tops, and no-stretch material.

The frame on an air mattress is good for people that sometimes sleep on the edge of the bed.  On an air mattress if you sleep on the edge it can cause the mattress to collapse.  A frame will help to prevent this from happening.

Air mattresses can have the tendency to take on the temperature of the cooler room temperatures at night.  A memory foam piece on top will not only provide a layer of conform but also help to provide insulation and keep you warmer at night.

An air mattress with no stretch material will retain its shape better and be consistently more firm for a better night’s sleep.

Some people look to purchase queen size air mattresses for medical reasons.  This type of air mattress has a number of very helpful features that prevent patients from getting bed sores and speed their recovery.

After having researched the Internet, here are suppliers of the queen size air mattress that offer very good prices:   Airbed Wharehouse.com and Air Beds 4 Less.com.


Queen Size Air Mattress
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